Environmental Policies

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It is important to us that we focus on preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint by taking steps every day to reduce waste, harmful emissions and noise pollution. Hank Deenen Landscaping is committed to becoming a greener company through the implementation of an effective environmental program. The company strives to exceed its obligations for protecting the environment and endeavors to be environmentally conscious at all times.



The employer is accountable to implement and maintain the environmental program. As well as provide training to ensure all employees are aware of company guidelines and expectations with regards to the environment.

All employees are responsible to comply with environmental regulations as outlined by the Hank Deenen Landscaping Orientation and Safety Manual. Participation in the environmental program is mandatory.


1. Areas provided for recycling as well as designated areas for garbage disposal and composting of leaves and brush.

2. Utilize low emission equipment where possible (i.e. four stroke instead of two stroke) to cut back on emissions which may be harmful to the environment.

3. The safe use and application of all products including fertilizers.

4. Annual flower pots and flats are returned to nursery to be re-used instead of disposing of them in the garbage.

5. Follow procedures which are in place for the safe and proper clean-up of spills.

6. No idling of vehicles is permitted at any time.

7. Littering by employees is forbidden and will be dealt with as a serious violation of company regulations.

8. Practice Integrated Pest Management and use cultural practices; mechanical and biological where possible