Summer Grounds Maintenance

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Spring Cleanup

  • Complete Litter removal
  • Pruning of shrubs and evergreens
  • Cultivate planted areas
  • Edge planter beds and tree pits
  • Spring rolling of turf areas
  • Aerating of compacted areas
  • Power de-thatching of turf areas

Turf Maintenance

  • Mowing and trimming all lawn areas
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Fertilizer

Tree, Shrub, and Planterbed Maintenance

  • Complete trimming, edging and weeding of planter beds
  • Integrated Pest management
  • Dormant oil treatment to trees
  • Broadcast fertilization of all trees and shrubs
  • Deep root feeding of trees
  • Heavy Pruning

Winter Preparation

  • Removal of annual flowers
  • Cultivate planted areas
  • Rodent protection of trees and shrubs
  • Raking and removal of leaves and needles
  • Wind protection of trees
  • Tying of all upright evergreens

Miscellaneous Summer Services

  • Watering as required
  • Supply and install annual flowers
  • Garbage pick up from site
  • Irrigation startup/ shutdown