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Hard Landscaping Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited offers hard landscaping services for every need. Whether you want to update the planters on your property or install brand new hardscape features, our team of experts has the experience to do a perfect job every time. We can give your property a strong shape and foundation that can be built upon for years to come.

Some of the most common hard landscaping services we offer include:

Irrigation System Installation

Our irrigation experts are familiar with the climate and rainfall in your area and can design the best irrigation system for your landscape.

Patio Installation

Patios are a great way to liven up your landscape, giving you a spot to entertain guests or a place to relax.

Paving (including natural stone and interlocking)

Our hard landscaping experts have experience working on a variety of paving projects and can install something on your property both aesthetic and functional.

Wall Installation (decorative or retaining)

If you need to install a retaining wall due to erosion or simply want to create a unique look with a new hardscape feature, our hard landscaping services have you covered.

& More!

High-Quality Landscaping Services Since 1954

For nearly 70 years, the certified horticultural technicians from Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited have been providing outstanding services to residents and businesses throughout Greater Toronto. Our goal is to help you beautify your property and keep it looking great year-round.

In addition to our hard landscaping services, we also offer soft landscaping solutions, litter pickup, pruning, snow removal, commercial grounds maintenance, and much more.

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