Soft Landscaping in the Greater Toronto Area

When it comes to keeping your property looking great year-round, soft landscaping from a reliable professional like Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited is essential. This is because it gives our soft landscapers a chance to sculpt your property and truly bring it in line with the vision you have as a property owner.
For those not familiar with soft landscaping services, it’s often the icing on the cake so to speak. Soft landscaping is what our team does when all the heavy lifting is finished; it’s the last touch.

Grounds Maintenance services in Toronto
Grounds Maintenance

Often, this consists of a variety of things, such as:


Easily integrate beautiful grass into your landscape with our sodding services. Our soft landscaping experts know what thrives in the Greater Toronto Area like the back of our hand and can install sod that will last!


Help your lawn recover from seasonal stress with our regular seeding services.

Mulch Installation

Control weeds, improve soil health, retain moisture, and build soil nutrients with our mulch installation solutions.

Flower Planting (including all types of planter displays)

You can beautify your yard with seasonal flower planting services from Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited.

Shrub & Tree Planting

Our team of certified soft landscapers can help you create a garden that will thrive for decades to come.

& More!

Why Choose Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited for Soft Landscaping?

If you’re wondering why you should trust us with your soft landscaping needs, we’ll put your mind at ease. Since 1954, our certified horticultural technicians have been helping businesses and homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto Area beautify their properties.

In addition to our soft landscaping, we also offer hard landscaping solutions, commercial grounds maintenance, litter pickup, pruning, snow removal, and much more.

Contact the team from Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited online today or call (416) 757-3218 for an estimate or to schedule a consultation for soft landscaping.

Soft Landscaping in Toronto for Commercial Properties

Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited Specializes in commercial soft landscaping in Toronto for businesses and properties of every shape and size. If you’ve never worked with a commercial soft landscaping company, you might have questions about our services and how they can benefit your business.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our commercial soft landscaping solutions:


At Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited, we’re proud of every job we’ve completed and are happy to provide you with a list of references upon request. This gives us a chance to showcase our work and provide insight into our process and services, so we’re always happy to share our success stories with potential clients.

When you work with a professional team like ours, you’ll be provided services that exceed expectations and the best customer care available. Our technicians and landscape team are trained to discuss your specific needs with you and then bring your landscaping vision to life. Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited is equipped with extensive horticultural expertise , landscaping knowledge, and today’s most cutting-edge equipment. This means we get the job done right the first time, and keep you informed every step of the way.

When we work with a business, we do our utmost to ensure we don’t interfere with your daily operations. This may mean working outside business hours or peak hours, or on weekends when your business is closed. We are also committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our staff and yours at all times and cleaning up before and after the job is done!

We work with all types of commercial properties from retail businesses to office spaces, multi-residential units, townhouse complexes, industrial properties, and more. We also offered continued maintenance plans for those in need and snow-clearing services.
One of the foremost things that sets Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited apart from other contractors, aside from our outstanding customer service, is our technicians' vast knowledge. We have certified horticulturalists on staff, and Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited is one of the first 10 Accredited Landscape Horticulture Companies in Canada. Owner Harold Deenen boasts 47 years of industry experience and was the first Certified Landscape Professional in Canada and is a Landscape Technologist and Certified Horticulturist/Greenskeeper, boasting numerous awards.

Absolutely! Tell us about your project and the budget you have to work with and Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited will provide cost-effective options to meet your needs. We do our utmost to help you maximize your budget the best we can.

Yes, at Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited, all of our quotes and consultations are FREE. All you need to do is fill out the contact page on our website and tell us a little bit more about your project, and a team member will reach out to you, or you can call our offices at (416) 757-3218.
Yes, we do. At Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited we provide commercial grounds maintenance that meet your schedule and are personalized to suit your specific needs. When it comes to grounds maintenance, we have the experience to provide services to everything from businesses to large industrial properties, and everything in between. Our services run the gamut and include litter removal, pruning and trimming services, edging, turf rolling, mowing, fertilizing, pest management, planter bed maintenance, irrigation, flower installation, and more!

Although Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited offers soft landscaping, grounds maintenance, and snow removal throughout the year, the best time for landscaping maintenance and lawn care is often in between the winter season. This is because seasons such as spring, summer, and fall are all seasons where plants, trees, grass, and the rest of your landscape features will be active rather than dormant.

Yes, we’re licensed and insured to protect our staff and your property and prevent you from being held liable should anything happen while we’re on the job.

Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited has offered outstanding landscaping services since 1954. That’s almost 70 years of providing dedicated and specialized landscaping solutions throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Yes, and we also provide the ice/snow melting products necessary to help you maintain them in a safe and environmentally responsible manner designed to cause the least damage to your property. Our Landscaping services are extensive, and the team from Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited will ensure that all of your walkways, parking lots, and other high-traffic areas remain constantly well-kept, safe, and easily accessible for staff and customers, your residents living in multi-unit complexes, etc.

Contact us for extensive soft landscaping, grounds maintenance, and more!

If you want a business with a proven reputation in the GTA to provide you with the best soft landscaping and commercial grounds maintenance plans available, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!

We also specialize in hard landscaping, park development, and landscaping upgrades, so contact us online or call (416) 757-3218.


Pino IozzoPino Iozzo
19:21 08 Feb 22
I have worked with Hank Deenen Landscaping for over 15 Years. They are truly a great example of a well established and professional company. They have completed numerous Capital construction projects throughout the GTA, always in a timely fashion, while maintaining a very high standard for quality work and providing remarkable results.
Gordon MickovskiGordon Mickovski
19:41 13 Jan 22
Over the last number of years we have awarded several outdoor landscaping project to Hank Deenen. Their pricing has been very reasonable, and the show up as per the agreed schedule. The quality of the work is very good and is completed on time. I would recommend them to anyone looking for commercial grade landscaping work.
Lester DeonarineLester Deonarine
15:46 07 Jan 22
As a sub contractor for Hank Deenen Landscaping I have had the opportunity to work hands on with their crew & employees, I must say they are the best guys to work with. They provide quality work with the utmost safety standards. The management & office staff are always a pleasure to deal with as well. I highly recommend Hank Deenen Landscaping for all your Landscaping needs.
Moe SelimiMoe Selimi
12:01 07 Jan 22
Had them perform work on a couple jobs for me, great work and very professional. Did what they said they were going and accommodated minor adjustments. Would highly recommend. Frank and Harold are awesome. Cheers and all the best.
Tony LicataTony Licata
13:29 06 Jan 22
Hank Deenen Landscaping provides us with prompt quality service. Staff are very Responsive with there service and never had an issue with them. Also easy to get along with there staff. Highly recommend this company for your snow removal and landscaping projects.Keep up the great work!

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