Once a business has partnered with commercial landscaping and gardening services in Toronto, it’s easy to see that as a ‘hire and forget’ decision. However, outdoor landscaping is becoming a critical part of any public-facing business. There’s more competition from other physical businesses, as well as online sources, so getting people interested in visiting is crucial.

Your current landscaping and grounds maintenance service may not be giving you the best results or keeping up with current trends. These are a few signs it may be time to choose a new landscaping partner.

Four Signs That Your Toronto Gardening and Landscaping Service Is Underperforming

1 – Inconsistent service

How often does your landscaping service do their job? Do they have a regular schedule, or does it seem like they simply show up when they feel like it?

Modern landscape maintenance requires dedication, and in most cases, weekly visits. A property that goes too long without gardening will quickly start to look rough or overgrown. Find a partner who can truly commit to weekly visits and guarantee a great look year-round.

2 – Poor communication

When is the last time your landscaper contacted you to discuss a potential problem area on your land, or to suggest new upgrades and features?

A great landscaping and grounds maintenance service is proactive. They should be contacting you whenever they visit to report on any issues and look for opportunities for improvement. If they simply “mow and go” you’re only getting a bare-minimum service.

3 – Over-generalization

It’s commonplace, especially among startup landscapers, to take a “we’ll mow any lawn” approach. While this is understandable for a business trying to get any customers they can, it means they aren’t going to have the experience or specialization to focus on your specific needs.

Commercial landscaping and gardening are a specialized field, and the best services are those that focus specifically on commercial projects.

4 – Environmental issues

Buyers, visitors, and guests are far more concerned with environmental issues today than they were even ten years ago. They want to be assured that no harmful pesticides are being used, and that water usage is being handled in a responsible fashion. A Toronto landscaping service should be keeping up with modern best ecological practices, and helping you create eco-friendly green spaces.

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