Landscaping and gardening are hobbies that many people love to take on. To save time and money on landscaping tasks, it is crucial to understand the best times to perform them. That’s why here our experts at Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited talk about how you can prevent burning a hole through your wallet when it comes to landscaping and gardening services.

Do Your Fall Landscaping in the Summer

Once you and your landscape have gone through spring and life has fully returned, you can accurately assess your plant performance and garden composition. Now you have the data you need to design your garden and landscape updates over the early summer months, so you’re able to set your budgets and line up work for the fall season. By taking the time to plan, you’ll guard against wasting money on unnecessary or inadequate solutions.

Evaluate Your Landscape in the Late Spring

Wait until the end of spring to see what needs to be done in your landscape. Starting too early in the year can cause you to make major judgment calls that are often unnecessary as plants haven’t had enough time to grow post-winter. Professional landscaping and gardening services such as Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited recommend letting spring come around completely so that you can decide what landscaping projects you want to take on.

Prepare Your Yard for the Spring During the Fall

Fall is an ideal time to take advantage of the autumn rains, cooling temperatures, and plants preparing for winter. Use this time to carefully prune dead growth and prepare your gardens for spring. While doing this, be mindful of not snipping new buds that are waiting for warmer weather.

In addition, don’t rush to remove all fallen leaves and debris. Leave them in areas such as perimeter beds, around property borders, and in wooded areas where they provide valuable resources for beneficial insects and other critters.

Be Mindful of the Hardscaping Projects You Plan to Do

To get the most value for your money on hardscape projects, it is important to carefully design, plan, and budget for the job. Skimping on costs in the short term may ultimately lead to higher expenses in the future as any shortcomings will need to be fixed. Our team can help you plan out a hardscaping project that works best for your yard.

Plant in the Fall

Autumn is the best time to make changes to your landscaping, such as adding new plants or transplanting existing ones, as it reduces the risk of plant loss during the hot and stressful summer months. Transplants and new plants are more likely to survive and thrive in the cooler, less drought-prone conditions of fall, saving you money in the long run.

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