If you operate any sort of large public-facing space such as a hotel, business park, or apartment complex, it’s crucial to focus on improving your guest experience. While this was previously a somewhat minor concern, the rise of online reviews has made it important to focus on even less-crucial aspects of presentation. Anything that improves the guest experience will translate to better reviews, and more exposure through Google and other online resources.

One of the most effective ways of improving guest experience without major expansion is by investing in better landscaping. Professional commercial landscapers in Toronto can help turn your operation into a place people love to visit.

For example:

Attractive Hardscaping

Landscaping doesn’t only mean green space. In many cases, the best way to improve the landscape is with attractive and well-maintained hardscaping, such as natural stone paths to lead them around the complex. 

Also, considering that water use (and overuse) is becoming a growing concern, switching to more hardscaped areas can reduce your water usage as well as your operating costs.

Seating Areas

Do you have any outdoor spaces where visitors can gather? If not, you may be missing out on another good opportunity to make your complex more appealing to visitors. A well-maintained seating area in the middle of great landscaping can be extremely appealing to guests, especially for business people who are tired of sitting in offices all day.

It can be a place for business meetings, discussions, or just for people to hang out. Add some vending machines or other services to make it even more appealing, with the potential for a little extra profit.

Improved Lighting

If people are likely to visit your business at night, great outdoor lighting can hit two targets at once. On one hand, a well-lit space is also a safer space. People are particularly concerned about the potential for crime and violence today. Better lighting creates a sense of security, which makes them far more likely to think well of the visit.

On the other hand, a professional lighting setup can also be beautiful. Well-placed lighting can create gorgeous contrasts between light and shadow, or even add color to drab areas. Lighting can even be its own attraction, such as lit water features.

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