When it comes to snow clearing in Toronto, it’s important that you have a reliable snow clearing contractor like Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited at your disposal. However, there are also some steps you can take as a property owner to make the process easier and perhaps minimize your expenses.

Here are four tips to get the most out of your Toronto snow removal budget!

1. Salt is Essential

When it comes to keeping the winter at bay, salt is one of the most essential snow clearing tools. In recent years, salt shortages have caused spikes in costs that might affect your snow clearing services, but it’s necessary for professionals to have as much salt as they need in stock. That’s why before winter begins, it’s important to ask your contractor if they’ve already stocked or pre-ordered salt for the winter, as well as where it comes from.

2. Ensure a Clear Line of Communication with Your Toronto Snow Clearing Contractor

When it comes to snow clearing services and property management during winter, communication is key. This is because you need to make certain your snow clearing company has the necessary equipment and resources to fulfill their obligations. Don’t hesitate to ask about the number of salt suppliers and type of snow clearing equipment they have, as well as their plan to manage your property.

3. Create a Solid Storm Management Plan Prior to Winter

Developing a comprehensive storm management plan before the first snowfall is important to keep your property safe and well-maintained. This means sitting down and discussing a few things with your Toronto snow clearing contractor such as the maintenance of high-traffic areas, safety hazards that may arise, and the most important areas for snow clearing.

4. Consider Alternatives to Salt

With the shortage of salt affecting many contractors out there, it is a good idea to consider alternatives to salting. Since salt is a limited natural resource, many forward-thinking snow clearing businesses are moving toward developing salt-free snow clearing technology. Ask your contractor if they have access to any alternatives that may lower the environmental impact and make your snow clearing services more sustainable.

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